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WOW Concerto Pro 320

WOW Concerto Pro 320

WOW Concerto Pro 320... the best just got better!

Hear. Believe. Experience.

You don't have to imagine! Experience the feel of the singing in a
concert hall with WOW CONCERTO PRO. Feel the professional sound difference.

Appreciate the nuances of each song hand picked for your satisfaction. Be entertained like never before.
Sing like a pro. Feel like a pro.

The Concerto Pro uses professional level wireless technology that results in almost no delay in voice transmission. What's more, the voice output is natural and crystal clear. This is indeed the epitome of effortless singing!

  • Realsound songs
  • Chorus songs
  • 20 Multiplex songs
  • 42 OPM MTVs

Taking you closer.

Powered by Music Revolution, all songs are remastered to make it sound closer to the original track. The result is a different level of sound experience not heard in any portable videoke device. Go and enjoy more Realsound, Chorus, & Multiplex songs. Feel how it is like to take the centre stage.

Own the experience.

With its robust internal memory, personalizing your experience has never been this fun. Load your own pictures or record songs. You can even play your favorite multimedia files using its SD card slot. YOU control your entertainment.
Expand your library.

Watch the fantastic video

Music Video Packs

MVPs contain additional video backgrounds so you don't just expand your song library, you expand your video library too.

All songs are powered by Music Revolution so expect a mixture of Realsound& Chorus songs included.
Satisfy your vocal cravings.

Staying true to the WOW Videoke experience, any videoke lover will be satisfied with more of today's latest hits, all-time favorites, & OPM MTVs. It is already built-in with your favorite OPM & international hits. What's more, all songs are licensed with absolutely no Public Domain songs.


  1. 2,934 built-in songs (1,880 English songs)
  2. 93 Realsound songs
  3. 550 Chorus songs
  4. 20 Multiplex songs
  5. 42 OPM MTVs
  6. 2 professional wireless mics
  7. Crystal clear voice output
  8. Game - Singer Showdown:
  9. WOW! Philippines, Anime, MTV, & Korean.
  10. Built-in user memory: 500MB (load up to 1,400 pictures or record up to 500 minutes of songs)
  11. Supports up to 32GB SD cards for playback of multimedia files
  12. User-friendly remote control

Concerto Pro TR320

Click to see the 1880 UK Song & Video that come on this Chip. (opens in smaller window)
WOW Concerto Pro 320

Product Options  
Weight 1000.00 g
Number of Songs: 2934
Song Search: Yes
Record Singing: Yes
Built in Memory: 500MB
Remote Control: Yes
Wireless: Yes
Additional Bonus Uprgade Offers [With Mic Purchase]
Magic Mic Community Access (free)
WOW MVP Music Video Pack Vol4(+£80.00)
WOW MVP Music Video Pack Vol5(+£80.00)
1GB SD Card(+£9.00)
Our price: £377.77
Quantity Out of stock

Technical Information

MicroPhone Type Wireless Microphones
RF Frequence/ RF Type 740MHz~752MHz / F3E
Unit Type / Impedance Dynamic / 600Ω
RF Used Distance 10M Less
Battery Spec N/A
Audio Frequency 50Hz ~ 15kHz
Operating Temperature (L) 0 °C ~ 40 °C
Weight (g) 208g
Dimension(WxDxH) 30 x 45 x 173 (mm)
Main Player
Audio Output 2.2Vms
Frequency 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Video Input 75Ω 1.0Vpp
Output 75Ω 1.0Vpp
Adaptor Input AC100~240V (50~60Hz)  
Output DC12V, 0.5A
Input DC12V, 0.5A
Consumption 4.7W
Weight 368g
Dimension(WxDxH) 155 x 111 x 47 (mm)

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