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Magic Sing ET12000

Magic Sing ET12000

New! - Containing 2070 Songs on board the ET12000 WOW Edition comes with all the cables and accessories required to plug and play from the box. Now includes new multiplex function, hear actual recorded voice (Vocal Track) played back along with instruments. My Mic funciton, create a list of up to liked songs, store them, customise them and play them over and over again.

Background theme selection and new Name that tune game. Offering staggering quality and versatility the Main Mic simply connects to your TV and Audio sockets on the front or rear of your TV and allows instant access to all 2070 songs, this can be expanded further via 4 free bays to the rear of the mic by adding chips, giving you access to a potential 7000 further songs without a disk in sight !

The Mic also has several other functions, a duet Wireless mic can be added optionally to allow another singer, the system rates and scores the singer and can even tell you when you sing out of pitch.

The ET12000 also offers Video Input, allowing you to feed a video image and remove the external background static pictures to a source of your choice, perhaps a Video Camera pointed at the singer or you can even feed in a DVD or Picture CD, the choice is yours.

This system is used both professionally in Clubs and is our most popular Mic for home use too, who knows, you could be on the next X Factor !

For a full list of the 2070 Songs Click Here

Magic Sing ET12000

Product Options  
Weight 1000.00 g
Number of Songs: 2070
Record Singing: Yes
Name that Tune Game: Yes
Wireless: Yes
Additional Uprgade Offers [With Mic Purchase]
Magic Mic Community Access (free)
Additional Mic EX12800 for Duet (save 19.97) -(+£60.00)
T5 expansion chip - adds another 270 UK Songs -(+£65.00)
T7 expansion chip - adds another 400 Songs -(+£65.00)
Hindi Vol 1 expansion chip, 200 Hindi Songs -(+£75.00)
Our price: £235.97
Quantity Out of stock

Technical Information

  • External Video Source (Feed your own backgrounds!) Two-Toned New Ergonomic Design USB Function (Download vocal tracks you have sung !) Four (4) Song Chip Expansion slots. 2070 Pre-loaded songs. Record & Playback Function/Mini Recording Studio (MRS) Function
  • PAL & NTSC TV Compatible Multiplex Function (NEW) My Mic Favourites function (NEW) On/Off Real-Time Scoring Amateur, Pro, or Star Singer Scoring Levels Voice Change Style Automated training for pitch, volume and tone of singer.
  • Adjustable Lyric Display First Lyric Line Display-on Browse Wireless FM Frequency Transmission - out wireless to your FM Radio,(106.3, 106.7, 107.1, 107.4) Adjustable Echo, Tempo, Mic Volume, Music Volume, Melody Volume, Key/Pitch Pause, Random Play, Song Reserve, Continuous Play Free Neck phone Headphones for private singing.
  • Team Game Option. Name that tune game feature (NEW) Background theme change feature (NEW) Musical Notes - displays tune notes on screen (NEW) Full scoring and rating for singer on completion. Easy Selection of songs. 100% expandable.
  • Contents :- 1 x ET12000 WOW 2009 Silver Edition Mic. 1 x Mic 1 x Mic Headphones. 1 x Leatherette Pouch. 1 x RCA Connection cable. 1 x Video extension cable. 1 x AC World Adapter for 110-240v. 1 x Magic Mic Binder & Song List. 1 x Download manager disk 1 x USB Cable 1 x Stand (Holds 2 Mic's Main Mic and Duet if purchased) 2070 x Pre Loaded Songs.

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Magic Mic ET12000

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