Magic Mic :: GRAND VIDEOKE Demo Videos



These samples are shortened version and used for demo purposes only.

HD RealSound Songs - Songs with High-Definition sound, recorded live using real orchestral instruments and back up singers.


*In order to playback HD Videos change the Youtube playback setting to HD quality. The icon is located at the lower right corner. 

Multiplex Songs - Songs with full-length guide vocals that you can switch on or off. Great when you need to practice before you give it all.

Chorus Songs - Songs that are recorded with back-up singers, giving a you great blend for your performance.

Medley Songs - Themed DJ Mixes of 3-songs-in-1 with full vocals for non-stop singing. Great for sing-alongs at get-togethers or Karaoke Parties!

Advanced MIDI Songs - Songs and sounds are re-mastered and re-engineered to be as close as the originals. With 16MB Soundbank, 24-bit depth, stereo reverb and 414 instruments- all HD Sound!

Duet Songs - Sing your heart out with a partner! GRAND VIDEOKE has 276 duet songs in its built-in songs which can be accessed by one touch of a button.

OPM Song - GRAND VIDEOKE has more than 1,800 OPM Hits from your favorite OPM artists!

K-POP Song

Christian Song

Customized Background - Personalize your singing experience! Customize the video or photo backgrounds of GRAND VIDEOKE with its internal memory or via USB/SD Card function.